My last video was called “If Turkey’s Could Speak Up“. That made me think of what I would like to say to all the animals if animals could understand what I had to say. So I’ll start with Turkeys then.

To Turkeys I would say this:

Turkeys, every year for the last 43 years (minus my baby years), I would eat you for Christmas. I’d eat you at other times too whenever I took the fancy. For that, I’m sorry and I ask your forgiveness. It literally never occurred to me all those years that it was wrong and unnecessary to eat you. Now I know that you are an intelligent, emotional species with the right to live peacefully as I wish to live. I will never eat one of you again.

To Chickens I would say this:

Chickens, I ate a LOT of you guys. As a child, growing up, I had some of you as pets in our garden. I know you were happy there but my whole life, up until recently, I ate a LOT of your kind. I wonder how many chickens I’ve eaten? I know from personal experience that each of you has your own personality, intelligence and emotions. I’m sorry I ever ate you and I’ll never eat you again. Neither will I ever consume your factory-farmed eggs. Now I know how wrong it is to breed you into a barn where you will spend your entire life along with many thousands sick and dying others where you will never be free or happy so that your eggs can be taken from you. I never cared before because I loved the taste of chicken and eggs. Now I know the true cost of this selfish unnecessary desire. Please forgive me chickens.

To Cows I would say this:

Cows, I never really noticed you in the fields until recently. Now I see that you guys are non-human people with very sentient lives. I notice your sense of community and playfulness. I see when you are happy and sad. You don’t deserve to be bred into this kind of existence. I loved my burgers and steaks but I promise to never eat them again because I know you don’t want to die. You cows are innocent and you have no chance of escape. My money no longer supports what they do to you. I gave up milk, cream butter and cheese too because I know your milk is not for me but your calf. I’m sorry that your babies are taken from you and your milk is stolen for money and the demand by consumers who have been lied to about the health benefits of your milk to humans. Cows, please forgive my part in the quality of your existence. I understand that many farmers take good care of you while you are in their care but ultimately, you are slaughtered many years before you finish your natural life.

To Pigs I would say this:

Pigs, I have never had a personal encounter with one of your kind. However, the internet has opened the world up and I see that you make GREAT pets to people and I’ve learned that you are extremely intelligent mammals equivalent to that of a 3-year-old human child. It occurred to me that I never see you in the fields. Then I learned that only 4% of you live your lives outdoors in the UK. That’s why! I’ve learned how you live and it’s so cruel and horrible. I’ve seen how you die in the gas chamber – HORRIFIC and while you are still children at only 6 months old. I loved bacon, sausages, pork and the like BUT I will NEVER pay my money to support this ever again. It’s disgusting how you live and die. I don’t even know if it’s forgivable.

To Fish I would say this:

Fish, many of you, I have murdered with my own bare hands while I was fishing. I would pluck you from the wild – from your natural habitat. I’m so sorry I did that but I’m even more sorry that you are scooped of in commercial fishing nets by the BILLIONS. We, humans, kill so many of you that there is no number, the kill is measured by weight. I recognize now that you are NOT a weight but you are all individual living souls. We are killing you and your natural environment. Many of you are extinct or heading for extinction because of us. I enjoyed personally killing you even without eating you. Please forgive me and now I vow to leave you alone. There was one occasion when I had a huge thresher shark on my line. You got free but I fought you or about an hour exhausting you and terrorizing you. I’m glad you got away and I know you eat other fish but you have to. I don’t have to.

To my favorite animal – the horse

Horses, I love you all and you are very special beings with huge personalities. I’m sorry that you have been made to get involved with our wars, policing, gambling and heavy lifting and pulling. You are strong because you are herbivore. We can’t use carnivores for the jobs you do because in nature, the herbivores are the strongest. BUT who are we to enslave a species. We enslave our own species too by the way.

Wasps and Spiders

Please stay out of my way and I’ll stay out of yours.

Dogs and cats

I love you but please don’t piss and shit in my house.

To the Animal Kingdom

I will share this planet with you in peace. I will only kill you if you in self-defense if any of you carnivores attack me. You carnivores will be carnivores but that’s who you are and who you need to be to survive. You didn’t ask for this. Nature is cruel. I’ve had and still have carnivorous pets and I know for a fact that you are capable of love.

I love all you animals and I’m sorry for my kind – the most dangerous and destructive species on the earth – the human being. Beware of us. We, humans, evolve fast and many of us are waking up. One day, I believe we will create the paradise planet that you deserve. You are all innocent. If there is an afterlife, I’ll see you there because if ANY humans deserve it then you all do too.